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Hello everyone & welcome to this money cauldron! With just one click, you can support a creative artistic or cultural project. Great potential for creative projects can be found at, since in fact each office has its own website with the ability to add photos and promotional materials, upload videos, and create your forum. Also, do not forget that each of us can become a co-author of news and news from the world of art, and even a champion in the nomination of the best news published on Dz.BY!
What to do if the festival "Dozhinki" is more important for you than the upcoming session or work?
You can exclude them from your schedule to some extent, but then the events may be moved to another city or another date.
Using a convenient reporting system, you can track the dates, venues and participants of events in chronological order. In addition, you can see how the event is progressing, see what events are scheduled for the current date, download the graphic results of the event and its video, and, if necessary, cancel or reschedule the event to another day.
You can also pay for the festival services like any other service: by bank card, cash or bank transfer.
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