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One of the easiest ways to promote creativity in your home or classroom is to have at home for children - even in the form of an anti-stress toy - a constant source of inspiration. Here are some ideas for antidepressant toys that will not only entertain the little ones, but also become a useful element of the interior.
plastic cubes
Bricks are ideal for developing imagination and stimulating creativity. They are easy to use and make a great gift for kids.
Cube for the formation of color reversible memory ("Centipede"), Tripod
This puzzle cube is made of plastic and aluminum and looks like a regular coin-type puzzle. It consists of two connected aluminum circles with different shapes and sizes. To get one of them, you need to fold the cube in half, and then hold it until it turns over, and then push even harder on the cylinder. If the cube has not turned over, it means that such a figure has not yet been solved by you.
CIRCLE-IMPERFECTION ("Cycles" From zero to ten "")
"Cycle from zero to 10", Cube for the development of memory
According to Dr. Karen Bradley, a memory specialist at the University of Texas, using this cube is recommended for improving memory at the beginning of each school year, and also when you are learning to concentrate.
colorful lines
Game "Guess the direction"
Using these multi-colored lines, you will be able to study the direction of gravity: up or down?
Antarctic snowman
Snowman made from Antarctic snow by artist Terry Vincent.
sand painting machine
This is not just a simple sand painting kit, but also a great tool for strength training, especially for children who do not know how to hold a brush well yet. The sand you use to paint on stones and glass is not a pure dye, so it can cause an allergic reaction and eye irritation. Instead, the child will be able to draw on the glass - in this way, at least, the sun's rays will be imitated.
travel stones
Children love rocks and sand and often play with them. Take these stones and prepare a big and beautiful suitcase for traveling to other cities and countries!
Flash drive with two metal handles
Rubber holder for gestures fe70933767